Question 11

In the development of one or more surveys, questions to consider include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • What survey or surveys do we want to develop, select, and/or revise and propose for implementation?
  • Who is responsible for survey management (e.g., development, administration, analysis, revision)?
  • How often should a survey or surveys be administered?
  • At a procedural level, how we do ensure that information from surveys is used appropriately and constructively?
  • How do we protect survey respondents and ensure valid survey results (e.g., are surveys able to be submitted anonymously)?
  • How do we organize survey results?
  • To whom are such results distributed?
  • Do we have specific recommendations for Stuart Hall administration and/or the Board of Governors to review? Are there specific decisions that will need to be considered (e.g., calendar, staffing, funding, policy)?
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