Question 9

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What resources should we review to identify potential communication structures and systems in other schools and/or in other organizations?

If anyone has any ideas, please share. I think what we do here at Stuart Hall is pretty typical of most independent schools: newsletters, websites, flyers, e-mails, etc. I think our willingness to meet with parents should always be front and center. Sally

I wouldn't mind visiting or calling other schools, especially those that have merged within the last 15 years. But I don't think anyone's going to have the magic bullet. If we just all keep our eyes and ears open to seeing what goes on in other organizations, especially using business models (as i think these are more often the most expedient and effective and the types of systems that many people are used to), we'll do fine. We, as representatives of the different constituencies, have more knowledge about addressing the needs of our own community than anyone else. I think we'd better start with what we know, and what we know we need, and what we have the capability of doing, and then using different ideas as needed. Mia

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