Question 7

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What is the role of communication vis-à-vis the school’s strategic plan?

Here's a link to the strategic plan:

Regular updates are in order. Of course, as we were moving forward with the SP, the economic crisis handily stopped momentum. Still, updates or at least where we are now stalled would be helpful. I was very upset by comments made about the SP at the Lower School forum. Countless hours went into that plan on the part of Board members, administration staff, and faculty. Maybe these comments were made in anger, but it did strike me that perhaps it just doesn't matter to parents that there is a plan but then not having a plan seems to be what some parents are upset about. How do we arrive at a meaningful balance? Sally

I wondered about this as well, Sally. The SP clearly reflects a great deal of planning and thought. During that Tuesday night meeting I wondered if some of the comments had less to do with the plan, and more to do with the frustration of feeling that too little information was provided too late. I also wonder if some of this has to do with the balance between "having a voice" and "having your way," as was mentioned in an earlier question.

In terms of articulating the mission and philosophy and goals for our School, I think the SP serves as a very useful document and was especially important at the beginning of the merger. I think it continues to be useful for future-forward communications purposes as a touchstone - to make sure our communications are in-line with our School's mission and goals. But communications is a very fluid thing, something that needs to change and evolve as needs arise. We should aspire to communicate the SP effectively but not feel constricted by it. Mia

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