Question 6

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What is the role of parents vis-à-vis communication structures and systems?

As a parent I feel my role is to ask questions, keep myself informed, and voice my opinions (both concern and satisfaction). I am very willing to follow a communication protocol, currently my protocol is to go directly to Anne. I would also feel comfortable speaking to board members with whom I have a relationship. - Dave Jones

As a parent, I see at least two major areas of communication that are important to me. The issues we've been discussing the past few weeks fall in one category. Communication around how my two daughters are each doing at school (academically but also in the "body, heart, spirit") is another area where I think there's no substitute for one-on-one, confidential communication.

Dave's point about giving feedback on what we are satisfied with is a great one. So often, I am busy, etc. and don't do that — then I complain about the stuff I don't like! Mary

Knowing who the approriate person to contact for information is key to good communication, also being pro-active, not waiting until something is a crisis before acting. Sally

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