Question 4

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What is the role of communication in helping to develop a truly unified “whole” school at Stuart Hall?

I addressed this somewhat in my response to Question 1 - good communication means that families have a sense of what is going on in each division.

Having one website is crucial. We will be working on that over the summer. Sally

I think that communication (in the formats we've discussed - newsletters, emails, etc.) simply supports and reinforces messages from the whole school and can "create" it only in a "virtual" way. The only real way to get to know someone is through time and opportunities for interaction and exchange. Look at it like online dating, for example; you can only get to know someone to a certain extent online, eventually you're going to have to meet them face to face. Communications in the usual way can go a long way to create the background and the context but it's not going to "make the connection". Mia

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