Question 3

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How do we evaluate whether communication processes and mechanisms are or are not sufficient (e.g., what criteria are we using to make such evaluations)?

Survey? What do you read? Where do you go for information? What are appropriate/inappropriate sources? What do you rely on? What would you like to see?

We need to hash this out at our Tuesday meeting. We have Survey Monkey capability and we could do a quick survey by division. Sally

We could try the survey route first, but in my experience, surveys do not give holistic input and may take more time and energy than they're worth. I would rather continue on the course of putting together our proposal, giving it time to take effect, iron out kinks along the way, and then conduct a forum (if we feel it's necessary) to evaluate effectiveness and make changes from there. It seems to me if we have this worked out for the start of the next school year, we should be able to take a preliminary evaluative look by November. Mia

The criteria should be "Are all parties involved satisfied with the communication taking place?" I like Mia's suggestion of moving forward without a survey, that's another group anyhow. I think we evaluate the satisfaction by simply asking the STU community if they are satisfied with communication once we have established our processes and mechanisms. We will use those mechanisms (email, newsletters, notes from home, phone calls, etc) to solicit more input. Dave

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