Question 11

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At the conclusion of this process, what type of communication systems and structures do Stuart Hall parents and other stakeholders want to have implemented? What specific recommendations do we want to forward to Stuart Hall administration and/or the Board of Governors for review? Are there specific decisions that will need to be considered (e.g., calendar, staffing, funding, policy)?

Something that is trite and important at the same time is a review of our technology, its capabilities, and what possibilities might open up to us by using different or upgraded technology. Unifying the schools' websites for instance. Podcasts. Push technology so that, for example, immediate information gets to parents' cell phones in text form.

The survey being considered by Group 3. So important for finding out what's important to our families (versus what we think is important.) There are some dynamite web based survey tools out there! Mary

I think you can only push technology so far folks. We have families on this campus who don't check e-mail! We have to be able to meet our constituencies at their technological level. Back to survey! Sally

I don't think technology is trite at all, if fact it is seems to be the preffered method of communication (I realize i have a bias opinion but email is used very heavily at the lower school). We must however include those who do not do email. Are those people contacted via direct mail? I am very curious how the survey group is progressing, I think we need to give them some of our input. Dave

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