Question 10

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Regarding communication, what are the needs, interests, and concerns of three main stakeholder groups in Stuart Hall: 1) parents/families, 2) administration, 3)staff/faculty, 4) alums, and 5) the Board of Governors? How do we achieve the “right” balance among these needs, interests, and concerns?

I seperated administration from faculty/staff. They are distinctly different in the communication scheme. -Dave Jones

Perhaps we need to further edit the question as we now have identified five stakeholders. Also, staff means administration in our school culture. This is a corker of a question and I think we need to go at it when we are gathered together. Sally

It IS seemingly too big to write about given the different constituencies. I think this is where the rubber meets the road though, and I agree that it should be something we hash out as a group. mia

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