Question 1

What is the purpose of communication in schools generally and at Stuart Hall School in particular? How do schools benefit from strong communication? What role does communication play in producing a truly unified pre-K – 12 school?

Communication is a vital function within any organization. We can't accomplish our mission or achieve our vision without it. We must think about the many ways we do communicate and ways we could communicate. We must think about all stakeholders in the STU community and look at what gets communicated, how, by whom, and when Just as important are the what, how, who, and when for communication going the other way. Communication must be a two-way street. We also should remember that listening is communication.

As a Pre K - 12 School, communication should ensure that those families that do not have a student in a given division still have a sense of the culture/activities/academics/life of the other divisions. This establishes continuity from division to division and reduces the possibility of misconceptions or misinformation. This communication should also encourage curiosity, interest, and ultimately support for the entire School.

To be sure communication is the best possible, we need to be sure that we understand what all stakeholders want communicated to them. What are their expectations and how can we meet them effectively. Sally

I love the idea of the communication inspiring "curiosity and interest." I think that effective communication is what will allow all of us to be spokespeople and adovcates for the school. If we're clear about the mission and plans for the entire school we'll be better able to spark that curiosity and interest in others.

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